Topics and Guests for November 24

Nov. 24:

• President Bush says the CIA and FBI need to get their act together, ordering the agencies to comply with recommendations made by the Sept. 11 Commission (search) and fast.

Former CIA operative Wayne Simmons will join us to discuss.

• The Transportation Security Administration (search) is taking a lot of heat this holiday season...

Women say they're being humiliated at airports across the country, and touched in ways that feel much too intrusive.

Is all of this necessary for security? Or are screeners going a bit too far?

We'll ask former FAA security chief Billie Vincent.

• The Wisconsin hunter who allegedly shot six people says he fired out of self-defense.

But one of the survivors says he's lying. How do you proceed in a case like this... with totally different accounts of what happened?

We'll discuss with Ken Padowitz, former Florida prosecutor, and Larry Pozner, defense attorney.