What's the Hold Up?

Thank you to the couple of people who caught my typo in the last missive: Libya not Lebanon.

Stephen Baldwin (search) joined us again Tuesday. Boy, has he changed. When I first met him about five years ago he was a pretty superficial guy. You know, they say "hi," but they're looking over your shoulder to see if there's someone more important to talk to. Now, he's truly a good person. He's very committed to helping others instead of himself. What a difference. He's helping Rescue Mission this season — www.agrm.org for more information.

I went to France and visited Normandy again. At the American cemetery the French woman who led our tour group was crying as she expressed her gratefulness. Her father was in the French resistance. I am always in awe of the bravery and dedication of those in the U.S. military. To those of you who are veterans or on duty now, thank you.

What will happen with the intelligence reform bill? Rep. Sensenbrenner (search) says we need to reform immigration. He says we need to be able to deport suspected terrorists more easily. Sen. Brownback and the president seem to be in agreement, but we're told they think it should be a separate bill next year.

Finally, the Department of Homeland Security is airing ads encouraging families to prepare for a terrorist attack. They will be airing late evening, but some are concerned that the ads will scare kids if they see them. I've been asking viewers to let me know if they are unsure about what they need to do to prepare and if they have any questions about how to respond in case of a specific attack. If you do, please e-mail me at e.d.hill@foxnews.com

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

E.D. Hill

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