Rattled on Day One

Nov. 20, 2004 9:24 a.m.

When someone does a cannonball into a pool there is the initial crack, then the secondary, larger, louder splash. It goes "ka....CHOOM."

That's what the car bomb reminded me of yesterday. The suicide car bomb sounds different than other explosions. Different than mortars, roadside bombs, or rockets. Different enough to make me run to the window to see the gray smoke rising.

It was a guy in a Mercedes who rammed a column of Iraqi police cars. He rammed two cars, then detonated, killing at least one police officer. Ka-CHOOM.

There were some explosions during one of my live shots during the day, mortars. At night there was a firefight behind me. It usually doesn't bother me, but this time it did. I turned around a few times, then walked out of the live shot. Rattled on day one.

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I can't imagine having to work with such material. I consider myself rather stoic, but I did watch one beheading video. Although the feed broke up somewhat at the actual cutting, I still had to sit still for several minutes afterward to avoid throwing up. I am certain that you are underpaid.



I check for your entry every day, and several times a day if it's not up first thing in the morning. You show life and death as it is, all over the globe. We in America have been desensitized to what war really means. Keep up the good work and the hard work.

Tim (Douglas, GA)

Steve.. I have FOX News on all day, and I have long respected your reporting. Your integrity and hard work are certainly appreciated.

Mary (Ormond Beach, FL)

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