Best of the Best

No E.D. or Steve Friday, but Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick were more then up for the challenge. It was almost a "back to the future" show in that it was laid out loose with tons of fun, along with time to talk.

As for fun, I have to say that "The Apprentice" (search) girls — Stacie J. and Jennifer C. — featured in this week's Maxim magazine, were naturals at weather. And the Bull Riding Association stopped by — and, of yeah, they brought a real bull! I did mount the mechanical bull and did not get thrown, but yet my bucking prowess did not impress real-life rancher John Gibson. He saw Long Islander in my efforts and therefore I will never ride again.

OK, on to real stuff. John Gibson has a great Breaking Point special on why the world hates us and it's unnerving in many ways. Tens of thousands of Iranians chanting
"Death to America" and a French best-selling author claiming President Bush was behind the 9/11 attacks? Well, it's not making me want to travel. Be sure to watch this weekend.

Geraldo Rivera (search) was kind enough to find a satellite truck in Arizona to come aboard the final hour and give us his ringside view of the Clinton Presidential Library (search) opening. He also brought a insightful exclusive nugget from John Kerry's mouth: The Senator believes he lost the election when Usama bin Laden released that tape. Wow, he thinks Americas just felt more secure with President Bush behind center then him. I personally enjoyed seeing the mutual respect shared by the former and current presidents.

Let me also say something we don't express often enough: Our Armed Forces on every level — from the cooks to the captains, from the grunts to the generals — are so impressive that we have a tendency to take them for granted. Over the last three years I think they let the world know we can fight in the air, in the mountains, in the desert, in the street and win. I think the terrorists in Fallujah know that now first hand!

Special thanks to all the viewers and their families who have bought my book the "Games Do Count." You have shocked the publishing working by flocking to the bookstores with 24 bucks to the point its 10th in the nation according to The New York Times. I thank you all so much and hope the 73 personal sports stories from the best and brightest do not let you down!

Have a great weekend and I have breaking news from Steve Doocy: He just called and let me know he's ready for action on Monday!

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