Topics and Guests for November 18

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Topics and Guests:

The Pentagon brought in large numbers of troops to take control of Fallujah. Now that the job is almost done, what will happen when the troops leave?
• Retired Army Commander Mario Mancuso

Iran still says that its nuclear program is for energy only, but Colin Powell says he believes Iran is working on missiles that could be fit with nuclear weapons
Michael Ledeen of the American Enterprise Institute

Democrats turn out for the opening of the Bill Clinton's presidential library to talk "strategy"
Mack McLarty, former Clinton chief of staff

Does the Clinton library gloss over some of the ex-president's faults a little too much?
Kellyanne Conway, Republican strategist

Scott Peterson's lawyers want move the penalty phase of his trial to a different county
• Judge Andrew Napolitano, FNC senior judicial analyst

Will Margaret Hassan's death cause other aid workers to think twice before helping out in Iraq?
Andrew Natsios, USAID administrator

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