The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Elf," "Yu-Gi-Oh!: the Movie" and "Dawn of the Dead" are new on DVD this week in today's Foxlight.

People who worked with him on "Saturday Night Live" always assured me Will Ferrell was a comic genius. I wasn't so sure, but between "Old School" and now "Elf," (search) I'm a believer. This should have been a one-joke movie, and actually, it is. But Ferrell makes it so completely hilarious that I think it should become a perennial. Time to retire that tired one about the kid and the BB gun. "Elf" rules. Extras should be fun with Ferrell ad-libbing and cracking up veterans like Bob Newhart. Christmas has come a little early.

I don't know anything about "Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Movie" (search). I thought it was a cheap car that used to be made in Yugoslavia. But apparently I'm in the minority, because there's a movie, video game and trading cards. The movie is new on DVD this week.

Evil sells — that's not a Foxlight observation. That comes from Yahoo!, where just in time for the holidays, the latest "Dawn of the Dead" (search) is the number-one seller. Retailers love zombies.