Topics and Guests for November 12

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It's out with the old, in with the new as Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSO) makes a change at CEO. Is Martha Stewart still calling the shots from prison? Elizabeth MacDonald, senior editor at Forbes magazine, and Jeff Sonnenfeld, associate dean at the Yale School of Management and author of "Leadership and Governance From the Inside Out."

President Bush saying he plans to make a visit to Europe after his inauguration. But is a fence-mending trip worthwhile? We'll get a read from FOX News contributors Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist, and Bob Beckel, Democratic strategist.

Plus, how will a slowdown in retail sales (search) impact your portfolio? We'll take the market's temperature with Price Headley, founder of; Tom Adkins, founder of, and Tobin Smith, chairman of Changewave Research.

And, as the U.S. tightens its grip on Fallujah (search), how close are we to securing the terrorist stronghold? We'll talk troop strategy with retired U.S. Army Gen. Wesley Clark, former Democratic presidential candidate.

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