Salute America's Heroes

As America salutes its heroes this Veterans' Day, We're asking FOX Fans to contribute tributes to our soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines. Is there a special veteran you'd like to salute, or would you like to say a few words to ALL those who've made sacrifices for our nation?

This is the place to do it!

E-mail us at and we'll post selected FOX Fan messages right on this page.

Check out what your fellow FOX Fans had to say this Veterans' Day:

“The U.S. military is made up of the finest men and women in this world. Those of us who served before you have never taken your selfless sacrifice to our country lightly. You are all heroes. God bless you and God bless the United States of America!” — Chuck (Odessa, TX)

“My dad is a vet, and many other men in my family are also, I have the utmost respect for all veterans, and our forces at war now, I cannot express how proud I am of our young men and women who are keeping this world free and safe, they are awesome and so are all of our veterans.” — Dianne (Tucson, AZ)

“To all the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces past, present and future. Thanks for the sacrifices, Thanks for the bravery, Thanks for the loyalty. Thanks for being Americans. And special thanks for those of you who are serving in Iraq and Afghanistan: no matter what the rest of the world thinks, you are doing a great thing for the history and security of this country. America believes in you, your mission and your resolve. We shall continue to pray for you!” — Anthony (Berkley, MI)

“This Country is what it is today because of the selfless sacrifices of our soldiers today and yesterday. You are all ‘heroes’ in every sense of the word. God Bless and be with you and your families.” — Anthony & Vanessa (Franklin Square, NY)

“To All U.S. servicemen and women: Thank you so much for your devotion and dedication for the cause of freedom around the world! Please do not think that you are not appreciated. We pray for you everyday! It hurts us so much when there are casualties. Please be careful, stay safe, and come back home as soon as possible. We are so proud of you! We want to stand behind you with our support. With much love, prayers and best wishes!” — Abe

“We join millions of other Americans in saluting all the fine men and women who have served and are serving in the U. S. Armed Forces. They are the best of the best and deserve enormous credit for their sacrifices in protecting our nation. May the citizens of our great country show them the respect they so richly deserve. Happy Veterans' Day.” — Art & Marie (Ketchikan, AK)

“Words cannot express my appreciation for what Veterans have done, are doing and will do in the future to insure the safety and sovereignty of Americans. Even though the mainstream media would have you think otherwise, I also believe there are many across the world who hold you in the same high esteem. God Bless all of you and God Bless America.” — Ashleigh (Orlando, FL)

“I would like to thank ALL veterans who so nobly served our country to keep us free. May they have a life of joy and know that there are so many people who owe them so much and are grateful for their sacrifices.” — Brenda (Bingham Farms, MI)

“I would never have the guts to do what our brave soldiers are doing, be it men or women. They are our country's finest and should be recognized as such. We should be proud of those that live to serve our country and those that have died serving our country. Our soldiers should be proud of knowing they are protecting our homeland, and that we will stand behind them 100%. God Bless and Protect our Soldiers, where ever they are.” — Patti (Southwest City, MO)