Cameron Snaps on Photographer

Cameron Diaz (search) turned into a real-life Charlie's Angel as she tackled a pesky paparazzo, ripped the camera out of his hands and marched off with it.

As photos in the new US Weekly reveal, the 32-year-old star turned street brawler when photographers snapped her and boyfriend Justin Timberlake (search) leaving Hollywood's Chateau Marmont hotel over the weekend.

The 5-foot-9, 117-pound Diaz -- a fitness freak who's trained in martial arts -- slammed lensman Saul Lazo and furiously wrestled for control of his pricey gear. "She tried to take me down," Lazo, 21, told US. "I know Cameron gets crazy -- but I didn't know like that."

Meanwhile, Justin, 23, tried to block photographer Jos Gonzalez as he snapped pictures of the wild melee.

One of Diaz's sandals flew off in the fight -- but it didn't stop her from overpowering the lensman and marching off with her expensive prize.

Both cameramen filed a police complaint, but the couple's lawyer, John Lavely, insisted, "They merely acted in their own defense ... [Diaz] picked up the camera as a means for identifying these individuals later."