The Truth Hurts

Iraq's Interim Prime Minister Allawi (search) stepped on some toes Thursday when he said some of America's so-called European allies were spectators in the Iraq war.

The French responded by snubbing Allawi, having an official European Union welcome deleted from a statement on Iraq and then that oily Chirac ran off to see Arafat on his deathbed. Imagine preferring to hold a conversation with a terrorist in a coma rather than meeting with the man who is trying to bring the values of the French revolution to poor, beat up Iraq.

And then the prime minister of Luxembourg (search) spoke up (how many of you can find that particular postage stamp on the map?) and he said he didn't like being called a spectator state. Well, Luxembourg was a spectator and still is.

Germany got huffy and reminded Allawi that they are training Iraqi cops in Germany and had agreed to reduce Iraq's debt. Let's see, any danger involved in training those cops back in Hamburg? And was that Iraqi debt to Germany unwise German loans to the butcher of Baghdad himself? Maybe they should collect their loans from him.

Oh never mind, those Euros are what they are: too weak to lead and too proud to follow.

But how about our fellow Americans?

The New York Times Web site listed its five most e-mailed articles Friday: All five were from Thursday's post-election sob fest.

The New York Times' Thomas Friedman, normally moderate and clear thinking, spewed bitterness, writing: "This was not an election. This was station identification. I'd bet anything that if the election ballots hadn't had the names Bush and Kerry on them but simply asked instead, 'Do you watch Fox TV or read The New York Times?' the Electoral College would have broken the exact same way."

FOX News is big, but 59 million viewers? I don't think so, Thomas.

Times' columnist Paul Krugman titled his column Thursday as, "No Surrender", as if he were hunkered down against Bush in Fallujah.

There is good news: Many of these people are threatening to move to Canada.

That's My Word.

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