On the Road Again

Dear Viewers,

Our show is "on the road" Monday night. We will be live from Redwood City (search) tonight and may even have a verdict in the Peterson case by our show time of 10 p.m. ET. I don't have any idea of when we will get the verdict and what it will be. I am anxious to hear what the jury decides. We have followed this case for so long that we are anxious to see it through to the end.

For local color, and as you know, the media has "descended" upon Redwood City. While there are not a lot of hotel options, what few hotels there are, are full. You only see a few people on the air, but there are hundreds who are needed to actually put news on the air. You need audio, truck operators, producers, bookers, lighting, engineers etc. and then multiply that by the local and national media outlets. And yes, of course, the print media is also here in full force.

Here is some "inside baseball" — we do not know the names of the jurors, but there is much discussion about them. To differentiate them some, the media have given them nicknames. Last night I was part of a conversation and someone made reference to "Pinky." I asked who it was and was told "the alternate juror with pink hair." The media is not intending to insult the jurors, but the physical attributes are the way each is identified — or occupation — since names are not known.


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