Topics and Guests: November 3

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President Bush has won reelection and four more years in the White House.

We'll break down what campaign issues struck a chord with the nation and which strategies failed with Newsweek's Michael Isikoff; Time magazine's Michael Weiskopf, and Charles Krauthammer, syndicated columnist.

Plus, after a national election with few bright spots, what lies ahead for the future of the Democratic Party's leadership? We'll be joined by Rev. Jesse Jackson, former presidential candidate.

And, Scott Peterson's (search) fate is now in the hands of his jury. How long can we expect the deliberations to last? We'll be joined by Greta's legal eagles:

• Jim Hammer, former San Francisco assistant district attorney
• Laura Ingle, KFI radio reporter
• Bernie Grimm, criminal defense attorney
• Jeanine Pirro, Westchester County district attorney
• Geoffrey Fieger, criminal defense attorney
• Ted Williams, criminal defense attorney

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