Hail to the Chief...

Hail to the Chief... whoever it turns out to be.

I do wonder about Inauguration Day, though. If George W. Bush (search) wins, I know who will show up to be sworn in. No confusion about who Bush is or what he would do, no matter what the French and the Euros think.

If John Kerry (search) wins, I do wonder who will show up to be inaugurated... will it be the Kerry who wants to make sure the U.N. approves before he does anything, or will it be the Kerry who promises to hunt down the terrorists and kill them, and never turn over decisions on the defense of this country to anybody else... any other country or any other organization?

I am left to wonder about these things because Kerry has said he would do both. Obviously he can't do both... both directions are opposed to each other. It's like going north and south at the same time.

So he'll have to choose, if he ends up being president.

Personally, I think I'll go with the hawkish kerry not the dovish... and the reason is... somewhere around 2/3 of the total American electorate is hawkish. A huge percentage of republicans, plus a surprisingly large number of Democrats, somwhere about 35 percent.

So that gives the preemptive-go-kill-the-terrorists-and-the-U.N.-be-damned crowd somewhere between 2/3 and three quarters of the electorate.

So if it's Kerry, I say he'll want to make sure Hillary Clinton (search) doesn't take his job four years from now, and he'll go with the biggest number of Americans.

This will not make the Euros happy. If kerry wins they will dance in the streets, ecstatic that Americans finally started listening to their wisdom... but when Kerry starts acting like an American president, they will feel they have been betrayed.

Oh well, you can't make the coalition of the irrelevant happy whatever you do.

So bring it on... Bush or Kerry... whoever it is .. hail to the chief if you're an American. and if you're not, sorry... no relief in sight for you.

That's My Word.

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