Too Close to Call

You know this is a special election when not one expert — other than John Zogby (search) — claims to know who the next president will be. It's almost refreshing to know the guy in the downtown pub has the same chance of nailing the correct outcome of the Electoral College (search) as the so-called insiders.

Now for a look back — and a look ahead — on the inside story of "FOX & Friends:"

The No. 1 interview of the day had to be a phoner with Wesley Clark (search). He stumbled into admitting to the biggest criticism people have of John Kerry that he is too concerned about the world and not enough about the U.S. When Ed asked him what he will do different in the War on Terror, he said John Kerry would go to world community and ask for a definition of the War on Terror! Wow! We need the world to define terror? General Clark also found himself at odds with General Tommy Franks and the second-ranking general in charge of the Afghanistan war. General Clark implied we rushed to war without enough boots on the ground versus the Taliban. It was a war he lauded before he declared his candidacy and it makes him look even shakier — if this was earlier in the campaign it would have been huge news.

If you missed "FOX & Friends First," you missed Schmitty the toy dog who did not stop yelping for six minutes. Thankfully Kiran and Steven handled it, but I had that bark echoing in my early up until 10.30 a.m.

We will have a great show Tuesday and it will include RANK and DANK chairman, first lady Laura Bush and many more heavyweights who have to get their final pitches in.

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