Sites Unseen: Pumpkin Rock and Karate

This week we have sites that prove a pumpkin’s potential, give you a turn to be the Karate Kid and make something way cooler than paper dolls.

To help you navigate the online universe, check out some of the sites below. Click on the highlighted words to get to the related Web site. (Editor's note: FOX News does not endorse outside sites or content, but presents the information below as a benefit to readers of

Rocking With the Pumpkins

Good “gourd” – just in time for Halloween is Here you can find some cool carving stencils to help you create the perfect pumpkin. Why not carve a rock star pumpkin to spice up the neighborhood? The creator of this site asks for a few bucks to help support the operation.

Daniel-San: Log On, Log Off

And if pumpkin carving is not your thing you might want to try out bonsai sculpting at This site is the brainchild of Andy Rutledge and is completely dedicated to the artistic skill of shaping bonsais. So try it out and you might just make Mr. Miyagi of the “Karate Kid” proud.

Cooler Than Dolls

Since we’re in such a creative mood, you have to check out

This site helps you put together your own transformers. There are dozens upon dozens of them. They are sort of like paper dolls, but way cooler.

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