Topics and Guests, October 28

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Thursday, Oct. 28:

Only five days to go and President Bush (search) and John Kerry (search) continue campaigning through midwestern swing states (search) on Thursday.

Bush rallies voters in Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania, as Kerry campaigns in Ohio and Wisconsin before heading south to spend Friday in Florida. We’ll have the latest reports from the final stretch of the campaign trail from our You Decide team.

And we’ll have the latest on both campaigns reaction to the reported 380 tons of explosive ammunition (search) that disappeared from a munitions complex in Iraq.

Also, a Federal judge in Cincinnati (search) has blocked six boards of election in Ohio from proceeding with hearings on challenged voter registrations. FOX News Correspondent Jeff Goldblatt will explain what this ruling means for local Republicans.

Less than a week before the presidential election, how are things shaping up in the electoral college?  We'll look for answers from Larry Sabato (search), whose Center for Politics (search) at the University of Virginia, is keeping close track of the electoral picture.

Plus, U.S. intelligence agencies are still verifying the authenticity of a purported terrorist videotape offered to ABC News in Pakistan, but we’re already hearing a lot about what’s on the tape. FOX News has independently obtained a copy of the tape, our correspondent Steve Centanni has the story.

Also, we'll have the latest campaign analysis from our all-star panel of pundits and FOX News contributors:

• National Public Radio's Mara Liasson

• Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer

• "Roll Call" Executive Editor and co-host of FNC's "The Beltway Boys" Mort Kondrake

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