The Foxlight: Weekend Movies

"Birth," "Saw" and "Ray" hit theaters this weekend in today's Foxlight.

She takes a bath and kisses a 10-year-old boy she thinks is her reincarnated husband, but Nicole Kidman doesn't think that makes "Birth" (search) a sexual movie.

No, just creepy, according to most critics.

Kidman says it's about love and "being under the spell of somebody." As for the kiss, Nicole says it took several takes before they got the right tone.

Is there really a right tone for a bathtub scene between a 10-year-old and the woman he loves in an unnatural way?

Still, Lauren Bacall is always fun to watch. Otherwise, this thing is stillborn.

Next, Cary Elwes is chained to a bathroom wall for most of the movie "Saw," (search) which made it an uncomfortable shoot for him. It's uncomfortable for audiences, too.

USA Today loves this Sundance favorite. Others were laughing unintentionally.

Elwes says he wears the same clothes for most of the film — they got pretty smelly toward the end. Delightful.

Cary may have needed the work, but what's Danny Glover doing in this thing?

Finally, "Ray" (search) deserves the three and a half stars it gets from The New York Post. They say Jamie Foxx needs to clear some space on his mantle for an Oscar.

I hope that's true, because it is an amazing performance from a guy who deserves it after being overlooked for things like "Any Given Sunday."

The film is a touch long, but Ray Charles had a long life.