Guests and Topics: April 29

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Here's just some of what's planned for our show tonight:

Cops want Jennifer Wilbanks' (search) fiancé to take their lie-detector test as the search for the missing bride-to-be narrows to area near the couple's home. Former Georgia FBI agent Harold Copus joins us live with the latest on her mysterious disappearance.

Then, it's Rowe to the rescue. After turning the tables on prosecutors, Michael Jackson's (search) ex-wife, Debbie Rowe (search), was back in court today to continue her testimony. We'll get the legal low-down from Jackson family attorney Debra Opri.

Also on tonight's show, an edited version of the Pledge of Allegiance (search) causes controversy at a Colorado middle school. But should the counselor who stunned students and stirred a backlash by substituting 'under god' be disciplined? Concerned parents say 'yes.' We'll debate it.

And, to spit or not to spit? We'll ask Chuck Lawrence, the Vietnam Vet who spit on Jane Fonda (search), if regrets the confrontation. Hear him make his case.

Plus, Nashville sensation Travis Tritt!

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About the Show

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But, unlike similar debate shows — which often appear scripted — "Hannity & Colmes" conducts a live, spur of the moment deliberation on politics and social topics. Also, differentiating the show is its dedication to "move away from the Beltway," bringing audiences an alternative discussion program without the "in" comments.

Adding fuel to the fire, several high-profile guests have joined the program on a wide-range of topics.

"With guests who are 'in the middle of the fight,' we're able to hear their point-of-view on the topics, as well as advance our own feelings," said Hannity.

"Believe it or not, I agree with that statement," quipped Colmes.