Tuesday, Oct. 26: View of Iraq

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View of Iraq: A congressional delegation has just returned from Iraq and “Dayside” wants to know what they saw during their trip. We’ll ask Republican Congressman Peter King from New York who was on the trip.

Voter Harrassment? A Florida newspaper is reporting new accounts of voter intimidation in that state. In Florida, campaigners are not allowed within 50 feet of the polling place so that people can cast their ballots freely without bullying, but this rule does not apply to “early voters” who are already going to the polls. We’ll ask Mindy Tucker, senior Bush-Cheney campaign advisor about these latest accusations of voter harassment and what’s being done to stop it.

Vote Locked In? Is John Kerry taking the black vote for granted? African Americans voted overwhelmingly for Al Gore in 2000, but a black newspaper in Tennessee is endorsing President Bush today, we’ll find out why.

Resting Their Case: Will the defense in the Scott Peterson (search) murder trial rest its case Tuesday? Find out as “Dayside” goes live to Redwood City for the latest in the trial.

Election Spoiler: There’s a lot of talk that Ralph Nader (search) may be the spoiler in the election, but the real spoiler might just be the Libertarian candidate for president, Michael Badnarik, who is on the ballot in 48 states. So who is this candidate we’ve heard so little about? You’ll meet him on “Dayside.”

Strikes Out? The toughest three strikes law in the country may get weaker. California is considering watering down its law so that some criminals will no longer apply. We'll have a fair balanced debate on the law as Marc Klaas, founder of the Klaas Kids Foundation (search) and Wilbert Smith, outreach coordinator for Citizens Against Violent Crime (search) join “Dayside.”

Those stories and the latest editions of Only on FOX and Stupid Criminals on today's edition of "DaySide with Linda Vester."

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