Topics and Guests for October 27

Oct. 27:

• It's campaign time in the Midwest. Both candidates are spending time in the swing states rallying the crowds.

President Bush traveling through Pennsylvania, Ohio and Michigan. Senator Kerry making stops in Iowa and Minnesota.

We have Team FOX coverage as You Decide 2004 with White House correspondent Wendell Goler in Ohio and chief political correspondent "Campaign" Carl Cameron in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Meanwhile, the ACLU files a lawsuit in Ohio hoping to stop the use of punch card ballots.

FNC's Major Garrett explains why ...

Plus — Which states are considered swing states? And can they determine this year's election? We break it down with Brit Hume, FNC's Washington managing editor.

• Al Jazeera (search) — the Arab satellite network — in English? Find out!

Latest on the digging up of bodies at the mass graves Saddam Hussein (search) left behind

All of this... and more on "Studio B With Shepard Smith" at 3 p.m. ET.

Note: Topics subject to change

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