Still Developing: Possible Terror Warning

Today on “DaySide” we aired a news alert about a videotape currently being reviewed by the CIA and NSA. 

What I'm hearing is this: The man on it is hooded and identifies himself as Assam the American. He has an American accent. He warns of an attack on the U.S. that is worse than 9/11.

I'll continue working on this story for tomorrow's “DaySide.” First and foremost, we need to see if this tape is for real or bogus. It was given to ABC News (search) in a lawless area of Pakistan on Monday. Let's remember that Al Qaeda (search) types and their sympathizers have made plenty of gruesome threats in the past, but there has not been a single attack on American soil since 9/11.

Also, keep in mind the timing. A tape like this being given to an American news organization with eight days until the election is, to say the least, a wee bit suspicious.

Finally, we're watching closely the illness of Yasser Arafat (search) and calling sources to see how serious it is. This could be a big story, so stay tuned.


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