Small Planes Crash in Mo., Wis.

A small private plane crashed while approaching the airport here, killing two of three people aboard and seriously injuring the survivor, officials said.

The single-engine Cessna 182, which seats up to six people, was en route from Oklahoma to the Springfield-Branson Regional Airport when it crashed about a half-mile away Tuesday night, said Tony Molinaro, a spokesman for the Federal Aviation Administration (search) in Chicago. The cause was not known.

Three people were aboard; two were killed and one was seriously injured, Molinaro said. Cox South hospital wors that it hit trees initially, and then it hit the ground," Cyr said. He said the aircraft broke in half.

Cyr said there was no indication that anyone had radioed to report a problem.

Also Tuesday, a small airplane crashed in the woods in the central Wisconsin town of Marion, killing both people aboard. Authorities indicated the victims were a man and woman in their 50s from central Minnesota.

Investigators said the aircraft had filed a flight plan with the Minneapolis Air Traffic Control Center.