Centenarian Voter Urges All to Cast Ballot

A 100-year-old Colorado woman recently voted in her 20th presidential election and says she doesn't think much of people who don't vote.

"I think everyone should vote," Beatrice Woods, who goes by the nickname Honeybee, told FOX News. "I would tell them it's a privilege to vote and not to complain if they don't."

Woods has been interested in politics since she was eight-years-old, when her father took her to see Teddy Roosevelt (search). She voted for the first time in 1928, when she voted for Herbert Hoover. She voted for Franklin Roosevelt (search) four times and said she still admires him more than any other president.

Woods backed Republican Thomas Dewey (search) in his famously close race against Harry Truman in 1948. In 1960, she voted for Richard Nixon in the race against John F. Kennedy and again in 1968. However, she lost her respect for him after Watergate.

"I would like to see honesty and truth, which we do not have in many candidates," Woods said of her expectations.

Who did Woods cast her 20th ballot for?

"Kerry, of course," she said.

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