Rockers Join Kerry on Trail

Rocker Bruce Springsteen (search) is joining Sen. John Kerry (search) in the final days of his bid to become the nation's boss.

Springsteen plans to play a song or two at campaign rallies Thursday in Madison, Wis., and Columbus, Ohio, both in battleground states likely to determine the winner of the election. He'll join Kerry in Cleveland the night before Election Day.

Springsteen's song "No Surrender" has been one of several played daily at Kerry's campaign stops.

Jon Bon Jovi (search), another rock musician supporting Kerry, played a few songs to open rallies Michigan and Wisconsin on Monday and expects to rejoin the Massachusetts Democrat later this week. As he leaped atop a stage in a hotel parking lot at a late-night rally in Green Bay, Wis., Bon Jovi said, "Surprise," to several hundred chilled Kerry supporters.

"Thanks for coming out tonight," he said. "Eight days from now, you get the microphone. The world's going to be listening."