Dear Viewers,

A very quick blog today since I have to race to the airport and fly back to Washington, D.C. from New York.

For all you who noticed a glitch last night when Alan Colmes (searchasked me midway through his show what we were doing in our upcoming hour at 10 p.m. ET, there is an explanation. That explanation is that I made a mistake.

Right before the toss from Alan, I "adjusted" my audio (for my earpiece) and foolishly adjusted it "off." Hence I did not hear Alan come to me to ask about our show at 10 p.m. I realized I was on the air when I saw out of the corner of my eye the split screen with Alan on one half and I was on the other half. This was not one of my better moments in TV. I was told "it could have been worse." Yes, I assume it could have been worse... but it also could have been better. This is one more reminder to me — and to you — this is live TV and you never know what will or will not happen during the hour.

We are juggling on our shows right now — between the election and the Peterson trial. If all goes as planned, the election will end sometime around midnight on Tuesday, or into the early morning hours of Wednesday. The Peterson trial will end sometime later... perhaps a day or two. What if they both end at the same time? The election will "trump" the Peterson trial in terms of coverage. I assume this is obvious.

Here are some random e-mails — and very random, I just grab a few and they do not reflect the views of all the e-mailers and viewers:

E-mail No. 1

Dear Greta,
I watch you and your panel every night. When Ricky Hendrick's photo was shown, your teleprompter told you to talk about Jeff Gordon.
Rick Hendrick is mourning the death of his son and you don't even acknowledge the young man. Someone surely goofed tonight.
A loyal viewer,
Helga Cook

E-mail No. 2

I wouldn't want any of your guests on my jury if I were being tried. Since when does a defendant have to prove himself innocent. I remember the Sam Shepherd case when a man was convicted of being a philanderer but not of murder. I've been on juries and I've been listening very carefully and if I had to vote now, I would vote NOT GUILTY. God help us if we have to start proving ourselves innocent.
Marjorie Stamper

E-mail No. 3

Hi Greta,
One of the reasons that I watch your show is that you always have well informed and well educated people on as guests and commentators. I value the opinions and thoughts of these people even if I do not always agree with what they say. I tuned in tonight (Monday) and watched your chat with P. Diddy. When I think of your core group, the "average" Greta watcher, I wouldn't think that they would give a rats red ass about what P. Diddy has to say. When I look for an opinion, the last place I would consider looking is the Rap industry or any Rap artist.
P. Diddy talks about the condition of schools and about "not having enough computers" and it makes me laugh. I wonder what he was doing while he was in school. I wonder what kind of student he was, what his attendance record was, how he interacted with his teachers etc. Was he doing his best and attaining a high GPA or was he chillin' with his posse drinking forties and smoking dope?
My point is that I will consider and listen to anyone's opinion provided that they bring something to the table, some kind of education... some kind of hard work.
It is unfortunate in our society that some people are uneducated and ignorant and throw their money at these rappers and then these guys think what they say matters.
Please Greta, stick with the hard working intelligent people you normally have. Leave the Rappers to MTV and the lost children. I feel much more informed by someone who has studied the law and seriously studied societies problems.
If P. Diddy or anyone wants to talk the talk they should have walked the walk.
Oh, if you have Snoop Dog on next, I'll quit watching!
Richard Adamski

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