'Jeopardy!' Jennings Passes $2M Milestone

Longstanding "Jeopardy!" (search) champ Ken Jennings (search) passed the $2 million mark on last night's show.

Jennings, who began his remarkable "Jeopardy!" run last June, won an even $30,000 on last night's show — bringing his grand total to $2,006,300.

Since Jennings' streak began, ratings for "Jeopardy!" have shot sky-high — then actually dipped for two weeks during the show's "Tournament of Champions" which didn't include Jennings.

Jennings gives a rare interview on tonight's "Inside Edition." (search)

"I love the fact that to the extent that people do know me or love me or hate me or whatever, it's because I like to learn things," he says.

"And I'm very good at answering questions about a wide array of subjects."

Gee, ya think?