The Foxlight: New on DVD

"Dawn of the Dead," "Control Room" "That '70s Show," "Raising Helen" and "The Day After Tomorrow" are new on DVD in today's Foxlight.

Just in time for Halloween, it's the updated zombie movie "Dawn of the Dead." (search) I like anything with Sarah Polley in it, and this is proof. Extras reportedly include how to make an exploding head look convincing.

This just in -- Al-Jazeera gets its own movie. It's the controversial but enlightening "Control Room." (search) It's the Arab world's idea of fair and balanced. Or is it all propaganda?

Has "That '70s Show" (search) been on long enough to have a DVD boxed set? Sure.

Meanwhile, despite my pleas, the top five selling DVDs from last week include the diabetic seizure-inducing "Raising Helen." (search) What did I miss by walking out in the middle?

Another oddity on the best selling list -- "The Day After Tomorrow." (search) Not puzzling because the acting is so horrific, but because it's really a movie that should have been seen on a big screen. In addition to the special effects being more spectacular, the unintentional laughs are a lot bigger.