Celebrities Stumping Like Never Before

In all my years of covering politics, I've never seen so many celebrities so passionately involved in a presidential election. 

Sure, they give money or lend their name to a candidate — but this year they're going much further than that. Tuesday the Kerry campaign announced that Bruce Springsteen (search) will campaign for Kerry in key battleground states in these last days before the election.

It's no secret that celebrities (search) endorse more Democrats than Republicans, and we could all offer a few theories as to why.  But here's the question: If you're one of those few remaining undecided voters, does the involvement of Bruce Springsteen or Ashton Kutcher (search) or Rosie O'Donnell or Jon Bon Jovi or Oprah, etc. actually influence you? Would something they say actually get you off the fence and seal your decision for either candidate?

Or look at it a different way. If you've decided on a candidate, but you're inclined not to bother voting on Nov. 2 (yes, I have heard from people who feel that way) — would seeing The Boss singing for Kerry make you suddenly change your mind and head to the polls?

It could be that I'm ornery — but I just wonder how much some rock singer or actor or talk show host is really going to influence votes. Let me know what you think: dayside@foxnews.com.

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