Breaking Point: Eating Disorders — The Deadly Secret

Sunday, Oct. 31 at 2 a.m ET
Hosted by Jane Skinner

Eating disorders are a hidden epidemic striking an estimated 11 million Americans.

Some of the most vulnerable victims are children; normal, healthy-looking kids going to dangerous extremes to be thin.

They starve themselves, force themselves to throw up or swallow bottles of laxatives. And even good parents can miss the early warning signs.

Once an eating disorder takes hold, breaking its grip can take years of intense and expensive treatment. But without help, the results can be deadly.

In this hour of "Breaking Point," Jane Skinner takes an in-depth look at anorexia (search) and bulimia (search) — two of the most common and devastating disorders.

We follow two young women through treatment, examine anorexia's fatal consequences and teach parents how to help prevent eating disorders from becoming their child's deadly secret. 

"Eating Disorders — The Deadly Secret" is another in an important series of investigative documentaries brought to you by the staff of the FOX News Channel. Don't miss it!