Topics and Guests: October 22

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Boxing champ Evander Holyfield is returning to the ring on November 13.  Will the four-time heavyweight boxing world champion (search) come back with a win? Find out as Greta puts her gloves on for this interview.

The judge in the Scott Peterson (search) case prepares to hold another top secret meeting first thing Monday morning. What's the secrecy all about? And is it legal? 

And, will the defense be putting Peterson on the stand to testify? Greta will ask her panel of legal experts these questions and more on Friday’s “On the Record.” 

Plus, it should have been a non-lethal weapon to control rioting crowds after the Red Sox (search) victory over the Yankees, but why is a 21-year-old college student dead tonight? What really happened in Boston?

And don’t miss the shocking video of what happened when police pulled over two young sisters in Ohio. The tape may leave the girls blushing.

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