Media Bias for Kerry?

Evan Thomas of Newsweek (search) magazine reportedly says the mainstream media are so biased in favor of John Kerry that their reporting will end up tilting the outcome of this election by 5 points.

That’s his personal opinion, of course -- and there’s no scientific way to prove whether he’s right. But it’s worth noting that Thomas is a big player in the mainstream media. So maybe he knows what he’s talking about.

And we do have those recent incidents at CBS, NBC and ABC that would support the assertion of bias. But, whether this bias will actually sway many voters -- do you believe it?

The viewers I hear from via e-mail, letters and phone calls all seem to be well informed. More importantly, they are critical thinkers -- they don’t take anyone’s word as gospel and do a lot of their own research on issues.

The media’s effect on the election is one of the issues we’re covering for tomorrow’s “DaySide.” Also, we’ll discuss the black vote (search). Senator Kerry is clearly trying to woo blacks in the waning days of the campaign by speaking at their churches and sending Bill Clinton and Al Gore to do the same. Will that tip the balance?

Politics aside, we’re also looking at the fight in California right now over the “three strikes law" (search) made famous by Marc Klaas (search), whose daughter was viciously murdered by a repeat sex offender. I want to be careful not to oversimplify what the debate is, but as I understand it, there essentially is an effort to get the law watered down. I’d like to hear from folks in California to see what you think about this issue. The address, as always, is

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