Kerry Defends Wife's Laura Bush Comment

Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry (search) said his wife simply made a mistake when she said she didn't know if first lady Laura Bush (search) has ever held "a real job."

"She misspoke, as many of us do in life. And I've misspoken. How many times have I misspoken or the president or somebody else?" Kerry said in an interview for broadcast Monday on NBC's "Today" show.

Kerry said he loves his wife's "outspokenness. I think Americans love her. Because she's authentic. She speaks her mind. And she tells the truth. And Americans want the truth."

Teresa Heinz Kerry (search) recently apologized to Mrs. Bush after telling USA Today she didn't know if the president's wife has ever had "a real job." Heinz Kerry said later she'd forgotten about Mrs. Bush's 10-year stint as a schoolteacher and librarian.

In the "Today" interview Kerry also defended his recent hunting trip in Ohio, which yielded front-page photos of him in a camouflage getup along with mocking comments from President Bush.

"I've hunted since I was 11 or 12 years old. That's me." Kerry said. "It's the Republicans who are trying to make it something. They can't stand the idea that a Democrat actually goes out and likes to hunt."

Kerry also said he thinks Bush is a "likable fellow" and a "great family man" but disagrees with "the choices he's made."

"I admire the way he stood up after 9/11 and brought the country together. But I disagree with the way he's divided the nation since then. It's been ideological. It's been excessively partisan and political. And we need a president to bring America together. We really do."