The Foxlight: Colin, Paris, Pam, Ashton

Colin no role model, no Paris at the polls, high tea with Pam Anderson and Ashton goes Kabbalah in today's Foxlight.

Colin Farrell (search) is giving us a little too much information about his social life. He tells GQ he tried heroin not long ago, started smoking pot at age 15 and tried ecstasy a year later. Charming. Remember the quaint old days when all he bragged about was sleeping with every woman he could get his hands on?

Paris Hilton (search) wears T-shirts that say "Vote or die." Well, then she's dead. Can't vote. According to the New York Post, she's not registered in either New York or California.

Pam Anderson (search) is taking her PETA-pushing politics to the Queen of England. Pammy thinks those black helmets worn by palace guards shouldn't be made from bear pelts. She sent a petition. Pam Anderson and the Queen of England chatting about urgent social issues in a sit-down?

Finally, how "kabbalah-ized" is Demi Moore's youth tonic Ashton Kutcher (search)? He supposedly negotiated days off "That '70s Show" for all the Jewish high holy days. Is he punking his bosses? Maybe not. He and Demi visited Israel recently and insiders say the next Kabbalah holiday they celebrate could be a wedding.