The Final Countdown

Dear Viewers,

I don't know about you, but I am anxious for two events to be finished: the election and the Scott Peterson trial (search). It seems that these events have taken much too much time to reach the finish line. The Peterson trial should be over in about two weeks and the election in eight days — unless we go into the nightmare of a recount. No one wants a recount. The thought of going through what we did in 2000 is too much for anyone!

The show is live Monday night from New York City. We are pre-taping (early evening) an interview with Sean P. Diddy Combs and hence the reason I am in NYC with the rest of the "On the Record" staff. I expect that we will roll in the taped interview sometime during our live show — unless some other news trumps it in which case we will air the interview later in the week. In the business of live news, you never know what the show will be until it ends!

Tuesday I head back to D.C. and will be there until at least Friday unless some unexpected event pulls me out of D.C. I will likely do the show live from NYC on Friday, since we begin our election rehearsals on Saturday morning in NYC. We are doing a network run through on Saturday to make sure we are all familiar with the election graphics, what our roles will be, our location, etc. Everyone who is part of the election coverage will be in NYC on Saturday for the rehearsal. Brit Hume is our lead anchor for the network coverage so of course he will also be in NYC on Saturday. If I am lucky, the rehearsal will start late enough on Saturday so that maybe I can wait until Saturday to go to NYC. Since I am on the road so much I greatly appreciate every chance I have to be at my home in D.C.

If you are looking for an upbeat book to read, try my colleague Brian Kilmeade's new book: "The Games Do Count." He has famous names talking about their experiences playing sports. Did you know the Henry Kissinger was an athlete? Yes, I played sports — I have a bowling trophy from 1967... but Brian did not include me. He claims he asked me to be part of the book, but I don't remember being asked and I would have jumped at the chance.

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