Stupid Criminals

They aren't exactly the nation's best and brightest. But these dumb crooks demonstrate that crime doesn't pay!

6/3: Criminal leaves part of his finger behind

6/1: A greasy situation for a stupid criminal

5/26: A bank robber loves money

5/25: A man robs a bank and drops his pants

5/24: Drunk driving on a landmower?

5/18: Two geniuses abduct a woman and send her, alone, into a bank

5/14: A stupid criminal calls 911... on himself?

5/10: What a meth!

5/5: Pretty in pink?

5/3: Never leave a paper trial

4/28: A bank robber decides it's Miller time

4/23: A criminal tries to make a clean getaway

4/22: What happens when your getaway car won't getaway?

4/21: Smash and grab!

4/20: Did a change of pants land a stupid criminal in jail?

4/16: Why would a bank robber throw away the loot?

4/15: Should criminals be paid for their crimes?

4/14: Liquor and job applications don't mix

4/13: Sometimes it takes a fire...

4/7: A criminal learns a lesson about escaping on motorcycle

4/6: Who says that men never ask for directions?

4/1: When is a napkin not a napkin?

3/31: Road rage is one thing... but ticket rage?

3/29: You can run but you can't hide

3/23: Why did Tuesday's criminal call 911 himself?

3/19: Friday's winner gets extra points for being nice

3/18: Thursday's lesson: Using hand signals while driving

3/16: What happens when a stupid criminal takes on the IRS?

3/15: A Canadian car thief picks the wrong parking lot to try and steal a car

3/12: Teen tries to sell drugs... to uniformed police!

3/10: There are multiple contenders for Wednesday's crown!

3/9: Robbers caught mugging for the camera inside of a stolen car

3/5: A routine police stop becomes one wild ride

3/3: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's another stupid crook!