Hats Off to Laura Bush

I nominate first lady Laura Bush (search) as the most sensible person in America.

John Kerry's (search) wife, Teresa, unleashed a media firestorm when she said she didn't think Laura Bush had ever held a real job.

Bad on two counts. One, Laura was a teacher and librarian. Two, raising kids is considered a real job where most Americans come from.

So the Dems rocked on their heels as the Republicans launched their rockets.

Heinz kerry tried to apologize, issuing a statement that she forgot about Laura Bush's jobs, and then the first lady herself spoke up.

Laura Bush — ever the sensible one — pooh-poohed the whole thing.

She said Heinz Kerry, "didn't even really need to apologize" ... and she told reporters before a New Hampshire rally that she knows, "how tough it is" to answer "trick questions."

There ya go. Truer words were never spoken.

Heinz Kerry, if she gets to be first lady, will be suckered by many a trick question.

Laura Bush is right... it is tough to answer reporters' trick questions.

Personally, I do my best to not talk to them.

But a first lady must, and if the first lady is Teresa... I can almost guarantee you a book full of quotable quotes.

Things along the line of that let-them-run-around-naked thing she said about hurricane relief.

Quotes like that are the roadkill of news. Vultures like me are always circling around waiting to spot one of those.

Anyway, hats off to Laura Bush for being sensible, for being gracious and for being wise.

That's My Word.

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