Will He or Won't He?

Dear Viewers,

First, some practical information for all of you who may want to go to law school or may know others who do. Susan Estrich (search), law professor at USC and a FOX News analyst, has written a new book called: "How to Get Into Law School." Tuesday it arrived in the mail and I spent about an hour browsing it and found it quite interesting and helpful even though my days of applying to law school are long over. If you know someone who is even thinking about law school, refer that person to this book. It is paperback so it is reasonably priced and may make a difference in whether the person applies, where the person applies and how the person applies.

Now for last night's show. What you may not know is that during the show I turn my e-mail on and get many e-mails from viewers. Last night I received an e-mail mid-show from our guest — KFI radio's Laura Ingle (search). Since I promised behind the scenes information, I have to include her mid-show e-mail to me in the blog today. The e-mail made reference to the judge unexpectedly shutting down the court for the day mid-day because of a sick juror.

Here's the e-mail from Laura Ingle:

...After we went to recess for the day, the courthouse had to be evacuated!!! It was POURING rain all day...then the horrible piercing alarm from the courthouse went off. Courthouse employees were standing in the streets with umbrellas as fire engines rolled up...

The sprinkler system went off in the courthouse!!!!

By the way, while many experts are saying that Scott Peterson will NOT testify, I don't think that decision has been made by Peterson and his lawyers. I bet they are still considering whether he will testify or not.

The fact that a mock cross-examination was done last weekend shows that Scott taking the stand is under consideration. Second, Peterson has been sitting in the courtroom for 6 months and he knows the case as well as (or better) than the prosecutors and is smart enough to be "ready" for a cross-examination. Third, there is no doubt in my mind that his lawyers worry that the jury is going to think, "You put on other witnesses, why didn't Peterson walk the ten feet to the witness stand to testify?" Fourth, what does he have to lose? That the jury will think he is a liar? He could take the stand and say, in essence, "Yes I am a bad husband, but I did not kill her."

Peterson is in the best position to "explain" the disguise, the cash in his car, the car purchase in his mother's name, the comment about fishing vs. golf, etc. Peterson was a lousy "witness" for himself in those early days when he did the TV interviews, but time has passed, he has heard the case against him and he can practice with his lawyers (the mock exercise.) In the end the decision to testify or not is to be made by Peterson (not his lawyers) but his lawyers will advise him. I am not sure if I were his lawyers what I would advise him right now ...so I suspect his lawyers are unsure, too. This is common in trials.

Here are more e-mails...again, randomly selected:

E-mail No. 2

I would love to see each of your experts, estimate what it would cost Scott Peterson if Laci wanted a divorce. Loss of her possible future inheritance, division of assets and alimony and then 18 years minimum of monthly child support. I guarantee you Scott Peterson had an estimated dollar figure in mind. What married man doesn't?
Dan Duckworth

E-mail No. 3

The prosecution has the wrong motive for Scott Peterson to commit murder.

The motive was to avoid alimony and child support. That would give him the financial means to follow his wanted life style, he would have to get rid of Laci and the soon to be child at one time.
Howard Dalton

E-mail No. 4

Has anyone considered the idea that Scott Peterson may have thought that the baby Laci was carrying was not his child? He was selfish enough that he didn't even want a child with her. If he thought he would have to raise someone else's child, when he didn't even want one himself. Remember...he never really acknowledged the child as his. It could have been that Laci was upset about him not even wanting her to be pregnant. If she would have told him in anger "Don't worry...It's not even your child."  That could have set him off. Maybe not even planned, but in the heat of the argument.

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