Don't Just Vote

As you may have heard Brian's book party for "The Games Do Count" (available at He made me put that in) was held Tuesday night. Brian got the room free, food free and hooch free. How did he pull that off? Actually, it was very nice and the book is terrific.

There are 14 days before Election Day (search). Don't just go and vote. Make sure you know the issues and are voting based on your informed opinion. Find out where your polling place is by going online, or calling your town hall. If you are unsure about your ballot ask for directions or an alternate way to vote.

The understated news story is how well the democratic process has gone in Afghanistan. Remember what a mess it was there? Recall the insurgents and the attacks? Doom and gloom were the predictions. Why so little news coverage of what went right?

Finally, some polls show Pres. Bush way ahead of Sen. Kerry. Polls after the third debate showed most people said Sen. Kerry won. I can't figure out why people would say Sen. Kerry won the third debate, but then respond that they're voting for Pres. Bush. The polls just don't synch up, so I don't put much faith in them.

See you in the A.M.

E.D. Hill

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