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Dear Viewers,

I thought you would like to see what viewers are saying. I read the e-mails every day and answer them, but you never get to see them. Here is a very random selection:

E-mail No. 1

Dear Greta,
Last night (10/18) you had on two doctors talking about the flu vaccine shortage. One doctor had a public health background and I'm assuming he was referring to the public health sector when he said we have had shortages of the flu vaccine every year for a long time. I have worked as a nurse in local public health at both a county and city level since 1985 and have never known a year where we ran out of flu vaccine and in fact just the opposite has been the case. We have regularly ended up with unused doses (sometimes considerable quantities) that either were returned to the supplier or thrown out.
Wendy Fjelstad

ANSWER: Wendy -- one of the problems giving rise to the shortage is that manufacturers can't predict the market and thus don't know how many doses to make. If they don't sell all of them, or if millions are returned (which happens), they can not be put on the shelf and sold the following year. The vaccine is only good for one year.

E-mail No. 2:

I am looking for info. on the movie/video you talked about on your show tonight (10/18/04). I caught the last part of that interview. You was interviewing two guys about their movie/video on Iraq. I was wondering where I can get information on that movie/video. If possible, would you please send me that info. I also want to let you know how much you and Fox News means to my family. It is just wonderful to have a news channel that we can trust. Thanks for all your hard work.
Keep up the good work!!!
Melisa Denson

ANSWER: The movie is called "Voices of Iraq."

E-mail No. 3:

I am truly disheartened at the commentary regarding this trial. There is so much bias towards guilt, there is no way Scott will receive a fair trial. This is not fair and balanced. Examples: (1) Diane Sawyer asked how "was" his marriage, past tense, so Scott was just responding and doesn't mean he knew she was dead, Also he immediately retracted the statement about telling the police about Amber on the 24th (2) Scott didn't want a biological child with Amber doesn't mean he didn't want Conner (3) Scott telling Amber he was in Paris etc. only means he didn't want Amber involved at this trying time for him. Besides, he had already told her he was going there for the holidays because he had no intention of seeing her during this time even if Laci hadn't gone missing. (4) When you have an extramarital affair, it's always a lying affair (5) When Scott looked over when answering questions during the interviews, it seemed he was trying to look into the camera instead of the interviewer. (6) I think Scott did have a very good marriage with Laci and he knew it. He just wanted more sex and probably would never have called Amber if Shawn Sibley hadn't been so persistent. (7) It certainly appears that the Modesto police did only focus on Scott. The Tracy tip should have been investigated more thoroughly The woman that broke into Scott's house could have stolen Laci's clothes so that Laci could have clean ones while being held captive. I could go on and on with different so called facts but I will close with the comment about Scott's demeanor, he looks very good compared with Geoff, Gloria, Nancy, Kimberly who sometimes look like maniacs going for a kill.

E-mail No. 4

Why is it you always wait and ask Ted and Bernie questions after everyone else? You ALWAYS ask Jeff F. before them. In my opinion you should ask him last -- if you have to have him on at all. Sometimes you run out of time and Ted and Bernie don't get as much time as the others. Maybe you have too many on the panel.
The attorney that visited Scott (I can't remember his name) is as much a spokesman for the defense as Gloria is for the prosecution! She is their spokesperson in the media every night! She does not add to you panel - take her off.
Also, I disagree with you on the cement issue. If the defense can prove something different from the prosecution, then if I was on the jury I would think it was important.
Joan Green

ANSWER: Joan -- believe it or not, there is a reason... because Ted and Bernie are with me on set, I can hand signal them without the camera seeing if I am running out of time in the segment and I need them to speed up their answers.

E-mail No. 5:

Hi Greta
With this Michael Cardoza issue, is it possible now if Scott is acquitted, can the prosecution declare a mistrial based on the friendship of the judge and Mr. Cardoza? That is, if it turns out that Mr Cardoza is given preferential treatment by the judge of course.
John Lapham
Las Vegas
P.S. I really enjoy your legal lineup on your show, Jeannine Pirro, Jim Hammer, and Laura Ingle and of course Geoff Fieger, Bernie and Ted. (and all the other ones I didn't mention)

ANSWER: Nope, there is no mistrial for the prosecution over the Michael Cardoza mock cross of Peterson. What it does do it send a bad message to the public about trials. While I am sure nothing was done wrong, it just looks lousy for Cardoza, a close friend of the judge, to be doing a favor for the defense. 

E-mail No.  6

Michael Cardoza has been on Court TV numerous times yelling he would have gotten Scott Peterson tried, convicted and sitting on death row in three weeks! His words exactly, and now he's off to see the wizard! He belongs on the same bus out of town with juror# 5 the other pet rock!
Sally Rungee

ANSWER: I have no idea if he has been on Court TV.

E-mail No. 7

Dear Mrs. Van Susteren,
I quit watching the news as often as I did. This was due to seeing all the bad things coming out of Iraq with very little good things on the news. Then I saw your show with video of Iaqi people daily lives. The show was aired in October 18, 2004. I think this is a good thing so the American public and others can see the good along with the bad coming out of Iraq. I recently returned from Iraq and it feels good to see good things being shown and not just the bad things. Thank you for your time. If you decide to show my email on television please keep it private.
Submitted Respectfully

E-mail No. 8

The story about Matthew Sheridan's death while in police custody disturbed me to no end. It moved me to tears for the young man and his family and friends. It could have been my son...anyone's son. Why do the police act in such inhuman ways? What is wrong with them that they treat kids like this? I know some are criminals and are hard to handle...but this kid was just a passenger and didn't seem to be giving them a hard time. When I heard the transcript it brought me to tears. I heard it over and over in my head everyday since you aired it last week. The officer who placed the vinyl bag over Matthew's head should be charged with homicide for his negligence. This was only a 20 y/o whose been deprived of his whole life! Will you be following up on this? Thanks.
Renee Bennett

E-mail No. 9

I love you and your show. Your panel on Scott Peterson is the best. After watching your show as always each weeknight I thought I should write and tell you my experience here in Las Vegas on trying to get a Flu Shot. I went to my primary care doctor last Friday Dr. Gary Grossmam and ask about Flu shot. He said they didn't get ANY FLU SHOTS. He said that I needed one for my low immune system and respiratory problems and wrote a prescription and said to go to Clark County Health Department when leaving his office. I went there and was told sorry no Flu Vaccine I said I had my prescription from my doctor. They said they have No Flu Shots at all. They referred me to Clinic for Flu Shots at Smith's Food Store and I went there and no shots they ran out less than an hour after they opened.  They said another Smith's at Craig and Rancho might have some left on Saturday when they have a clinic scheduled but to call. I called and was told No Shots.
So when your guests said to not stand in line but go to your doctor: That isn't an option here in Las Vegas.
Shar Sims

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