Veiled Threats in London

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Oct. 19,  2004 11:48 AM

There's no reason to lie in bed and listen for an explosion in London. You can lie there and it just won't happen. The only thing you can hear in the distance is the automatic voice of the elevator saying "fourth floor."

When you walk outside, in the evening, alone, with no armored vest on, you stretch your arms out and wonder why it feels so good.

I'm working on a story on radical Muslim leaders in Britain. The first one lost both hands and an eye in Afghanistan. The second one had heart trouble, was heavy and walked with difficulty. He kept referring to Westerners as "crocodiles." He said Westerners were like "crocodiles in the bedroom." What he meant, but didn't say, was that they should be killed. He spoke in veiled
language to avoid legal troubles. He had a soft round face and smiled a lot. He said if he wanted to call for violence he could "make you forget the name of your mother and father."

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I keep FOX News on all day long, and anytime I see you, no matter how busy I am, I stop and watch. I am 63 years old, but must say you are my HERO.

— Mary (Milton, FL)

Mr. Harrigan,
As I read your story about lending your cell phone to some of our Marines, I was able to remember a time when I was in a similar situation in the military.  Had you lent me your cell phone in those dark hours, my son's name would probably be Steven Harrington instead of Joshua Brian.  I wish you safety and joy.
— Ronald Navy Veteran, '86-'90

Steve, you are just an amazing reporter, going where no one in their right mind should go!  You first caught my attention when you were in northern Afghanistan LONG before there was a “war.” You seem to thrive on sharing the stories of what’s really going on with the men and women in the wars, and I really appreciate and actually enjoy your war reporting.  War is hell and you bring it home to us in a positive way, which is the way I see it.  You make it their story, which is the way it should be, but your own reporting is also memorable.  Hope you never quit.

 — Nita (Milford, CT)


My son is a Soldier. Thank you for that story.

— Julie (Kentucky)

Steve Harrigan currently serves as a Miami-based correspondent for Fox News Channel (FNC). He joined the network in 2001 as a Moscow-based correspondent.