Oct. 19, 2004

Light blogging today; I have to get ready to celebrate my son’s ninth birthday. Here are a few articles of interest.

Democrats are accusing the president of complicity in the shortage of flu vaccines. Here is a thoughtful refutation from a source not normally friendly to Republicans, The Washington Monthly.

On an entirely different front, the Oil for Food scandal continues to spread like, um, oil on water. Now comes word that U.S. prosecutors may be going after Benon Sevan, the man who ran the corrupt enterprise. Keep in mind that Sevan is the kind of guy John Kerry would treat with greater deference.

Next up, another campaign issue: Sen. Kerry also has insisted that he’ll get inexpensive drugs from Canada. It’s a popular, something-for-nothing vow — the sort of thing politicians often promise. The only problem is, the Canadians have decided they don’t want any part of it.