Dead Heat

Oh no! A tie on November 2nd?!? Oh please, please — say it won't happen!

On the chance that it MIGHT happen, we're doing some investigating on this for Thursday's "DaySide." Let's crunch some numbers together for a moment:

The states going to Pres. Bush for sure (so far) total 176 electoral votes (search). The states going to Kerry for sure total 153 electoral votes.

Those leaning to Bush total 51 electoral votes; leaning to Kerry, 67 electoral votes.

That gives the President 227 votes, Kerry 220. Yikes, that's close!

Now, let's look at the states considered "toss-ups": Iowa, Maine, Florida, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. These states together offer 91 much-desired electoral votes. Could those votes be divided in such a way that there is a Bush-Kerry tie?

Pass the aspirin, because at least one political observer says yes. Here's a possible scenario: Bush wins Florida, Wisconsin and New Mexico; Kerry wins Ohio, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Maine. That gives each man — are you ready? — 269 electoral votes.

What do you think of that? And while we're at it, have you heard pundits suggesting another headache scenario that splits the popular and electoral votes? In case you haven't — some talking heads are saying it's possible President Bush could win the popular vote, and Sen. Kerry could with the electoral.

Personally, I think there isn't a pundit out there who REALLY knows what's going to happen November 2nd, but I'd like to hear what you think!

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