U.N. Blood Money: New Revelations

Dear FOX Fans:

If you’ve been following the news you’ve probably heard about the Duelfer Report – the findings from top U.S. inspectors looking for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. While many headlines have screamed that the inspectors found no WMD, FOX News has looked into the report and found that the truth is very different. We’ve been working around the clock to give you the real story about Saddam’s secret weapons — and how a United Nation’s program called Oil-for-Food allowed the Iraqi dictator to develop lethal weapons right under the nose of the United Nations, a program that he expected to accelerate once U.N. sanctions against Iraq had been eroded.

Tune in this Sunday 9 pm ET for our new "Breaking Point" investigation that updates last month's special on how the Oil-for-Food program turned oil into blood money. See Saddam’s secret weapons program, learn who sold the dictator what he needed to continue developing deadly biological and chemical agents, and see just how close he got to launching them against the world. Your worst suspicions will be confirmed as we expose the countries and individuals Saddam bought off — using money skimmed from Oil-for-Food — to influence decisions of war and peace.  It will make you think twice about ever trusting the United Nations again.

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