Topics for Saturday, October 16

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Were the four debates the biggest reality show of the fall season? The FCC says the Sinclair Broadcast Group may preempt its primetime programming to air an anti-Kerry documentary just weeks before election day. Is this a free campaign commerical for President Bush or free speech? We'll debate it!

Plus, in our "Quick Takes on the Media" segment:

• FOX television's "Married by America" was a flop on TV but now it may be headed for the history books. We'll tell you why...

• Should Oprah moderate a presidential debate in the future?

• A newspaper in Oregon reveals that a Congressman was involved in an alleged sexual assault... 28 years ago. Was the decision to publish an article about these allegations three weeks before election day responsible or irresponsible?

These stories and more... this weekend!

About the Show:

Join host Eric Burns and our "FOX News Watch" panelists this weekend as we "cover the coverage":

Jim Pinkerton of Newsday

Jane Hall of American University

• Cal Thomas, syndicated columnist and host of "After Hours" on FNC! 

Neal Gabler, media writer and author

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