Rule Britannia?

Wednesday, I told you about the campaign by The Guardian newspaper in Great Britain to influence voters in the U.S. election.

The Guardian is encouraging readers to write to individual voters in Cook County, Ohio. On Thursday, it published three letters written to voters by prominent Britons.

First, spy novelist John Le Carré, whose real name is David Cornwell. In his letter to an Ohio voter he says:

"Probably no American president in all history has been so universally hated abroad as George W Bush: for his bullying unilateralism, his dismissal of international treaties, his reckless indifference to the aspirations of other nations and cultures, his contempt for institutions of world government, and above all for misusing the cause of anti-terrorism in order to unleash an illegal war."

The Ohio voter might remember that the sacred international treaties includes the one in which European judges wanted to put American soldiers on trial for war crimes.

Then there's this excerpt from Lady Antonia Fraser, prominent historian, lesser Royal and wife of prominent anti-American playwright Harold Pinter:

"If you back Kerry, you will be voting against a savage militaristic foreign policy of pre-emptive killing which has stained the great name of the U.S. so hideously in recent times."

And this from Richard Dawkins, a professor at Oxford:

"Don't be so ashamed of your president: the majority of you didn't vote for him. If Bush is finally elected properly, that will be the time for Americans traveling abroad to simulate a Canadian accent."

You simulate a Canadian accent by asking for beer a lot and ending ever sentence with "Eh?"

Now, it's one thing to have smarmy Brits looking down their nose at you on the BBC and in the newspapers — we can always try to ignore the condescending attitude. But writing to individual U.S. voters and telling them how hideously they have behaved; that Americans better start learning Canadian; that this war we fought in our own defense was illegal, and that we are lawless rogues terrifying the planet?

The message is, "Be sure to mind your betters."

I want to see those Cook County, Ohio voters who will find all this persuasive.

That's My Word.

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