GOP Convention Tab Comes In at $150M

The Republican National Convention (search) in New York had a total tab of about $150 million, including security.

Expenses included $5 million to rent Madison Square Garden, $11 million to renovate it and $1 million for 13,298 tickets to Broadway shows for delegates, according to a Federal Election Commission (search) filing this week by the New York City Host Committee.

Another $28 million was spent on construction inside the arena, and some $7,000 went for coffee and doughnuts, the filing showed.

The federal government contributed $50 million for security. The city will end up spending about $7.9 million for security, fire protection, transportation and sanitation, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said.

The host committee raised a record $85.6 million from private donors to help pay for the event, according to documents filed with the FEC, and resulted in a $4 million surplus, which will go to the city.

The previous record for private-plus-government funding was held by the 2000 Democratic convention in Los Angeles, which cost $71.9 million.

Among the private donations was $7 million from Bloomberg himself — $5 million in cash and the rest in financial and legal services.

Organizers of the Democratic National Convention, held in Boston in July, reported that they had raised $54.4 million in private funds and had a $3 million surplus.