Candid Camera

Dear Viewers,

Today we have posted behind the scenes pictures from the final presidential debate of 2004.

Like the other debates, you see much on a TV camera during the debate, but there is much more to see off-camera. I wish that we had a camera simply fixed on the spin room (search) all night long so that you could also see it. It really is amazing — some might even suggest chaotic. I find it fascinating.

A quick note: Yes, I know, I was at Arizona STATE and not the UNIVERSITY of Arizona. I have received so many e-mails telling me that I am a dope — that I got it wrong on the air. I have no defense except perhaps fatigue — consider me appropriately informed (now) and chastened and I ask all Arizona State students and grads to let me off the hook for this error. This is not a mistake I will make again — at least I hope not.

I hope to post pics from our trip to Redwood City (searchearlier in the week in Monday's blog (and yes, I know where I was Monday... Redwood City.)


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