Trial by Triumph

Dear Viewers,

We're "on the road" (again) — but this time headed home. With the time change — and the lack of flight options — I'll arrive at 7:17 p.m. in DC. I then have to rush to the bureau for our 10 p.m. Eastern show. I am praying for no delays and a tailwind... or "Hannity & Colmes" could end up with a surprise two-hour show (I have not warned Alan and Sean... I guess it would be a surprise for them, too!)

Wednesday night at the last presidential debate in Arizona, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, "interviewed" everybody — and unexpectedly, of course. My favorite was his joint interview of Karl Rove and Susan Estrich (old friends... yes, old friends... can you believe it?!) Karl and Susan were "interviewed" as they waited for their turn on our show. I learned of the "interview" after our show when Susan happened to tell me she and Karl talked to a puppet. I inquired further and realized who it was... of course Triumph had cornered me earlier in the evening. Susan and Karl were both in a good mood joking so it could be quite an interview. If they air it you will see a different side of both Rove and Estrich. I often regret that viewers see a very formal business side of all our guests and not the more relaxed side. I also regret that viewers don't see that many on-air adversaries are often old friends. Sometimes it is even hard for me to believe.

I will post lots of photos on Friday.

And, for all of you who have written, I know, I was not at the University of Arizona... I was at Arizona State.


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