Still Undecided?

There are just about two weeks until the election. The experts say the undecided voters will determine the election, but I have to wonder, given the stark contrast between the candidate's positions, that if they haven't decided by now whether they'll even go to vote.

Regardless of whether you are undecided or not it has been excruciatingly difficult to determine the truth on a variety of issues. When it comes to deciphering political advertisements you can go to They do a thorough job sifting through the claims and finding the truth.

As for the candidates' positions, can Sen. Kerry (search) afford everything he's promising (remember he says he will pay for the programs as he goes) AND cut taxes for everyone but wealthy? How much money would a tax increase on the top 2 percent to President Clinton era levels bring in? Not enough, according to the fiscally savviest Democratic Senator I know. He says Sen. Kerry is banking on a huge jump in our economy. Without that he either can't fund what he's promising or he has to raise taxes a lot on a great many people... not just the wealthy.

What about President Bush (search) and his plans to finish the job in Iraq? If the French and Germans don't come on board, will we be able to get security to the level where we can spend reconstruction money wisely? Why build a factory if insurgents will try to blow it up the next week?

The bottom line: Do your research, time is winding down.

Big news in Iraq: As you read this they are excavating nine mass graves in Northern Iraq. Women and children make up one of them. Pregnant women shot point blank in the face. Two-year-old children executed with a shot to the back of their head. Some children are lying next to the balls they were playing with when they were murdered. Mass graves like this have been found elsewhere in Iraq, but this is the first time it is being excavated by forensics experts so that evidence may be gathered for use at criminal trials against the killers. Interesting to note that many top forensic experts from Europe refuse to take part because they are afraid the death penalty could be used against anyone found guilty.

Wednesday night, be sure to tune in to FOX News Channel starting at 8 p.m. ET for the pre-game debate. We'll carry the debate live starting at 9 p.m. ET. Both sides will try to spin it on our show tomorrow. We'll do our best to get the straight story.

See you in the morning.


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