Oprah's Star Is Rising Even More

Oprah Winfrey (search), who was never out of style, is for some reason, back in style.

She's bigger than ever and smaller than usual. Yes, being Oprah Winfrey means that everyone always loves you whether you're so big you need to get weighed at a truck station or so thin you look underweight.

Yes, being Oprah is never having to say, "Hey! Get me a press agent!"

For sheer will power, perhaps no celebrity even comes close to doing in one lifetime what Oprah Winfrey has done. Born of a mother and father who had one single sexual encounter in 1953, Oprah was alternately raised by her grandmother, mother and her father and his wife.

It was her father who had the most influence on her life, forcing her to study, study, study, while other kids were out playing. She was in the library on Saturdays while they were carousing.

But time spent living with Mom wasn't as smooth. In fact, at 14, she became pregnant, and was shipped back to her dad's house to have the baby. The baby was born prematurely and died, and Dad sent Oprah back to high school.

At 17 she visited a local radio station and the rest, as they say, is public knowledge. Legend has it that the station manager offered the teen a job reading news on the spot. She graduated from high school and went to college and on TV as an anchor.

At 49, she became a billionaire and was listed on Forbe's List of Richest People (search), the first African-American woman to ever achieve these heights. Hell, she's one of the first women period to ever reach these heights.

So, on Sunday night, "E! True Hollywood Story" (search) highlights the life and not-so-many hard times of Oprah, celebrity of our lifetime. Everything's chronicled — from her weight gains and losses to money gains (not many losses), entertainment successes and one failure (at least in terms of box office), and even her effect on the lives of the two windy Phils (Donahue and Dr.).

The problem with the show however, is that unfortunately, you (or at least I) don't tune into "E! True Hollywood Story" to see all that good news. Look at the website if you think I'm lying. Which words do you think come up most often, "What a swell woman!" or "murder," "crime" and "tragic death!"


It would be like reading "Page Six" for items like "Nice Person Gets Recognition" or "Star Recovers From Slight Cold!" I mean, "True Hollywood Story" is a gossip show, and God love them for it.

Not that I don't love Oprah as much as the next guy (What do you think I am? A freaking member of the Taliban?), but this show gets the big "who cares?"